Top 5 Cybersecurity Companies

Top 5 Cybersecurity Companies

Due to the digitization of operations, many businesses are facing the threat of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. So, if you own a business, you should seriously consider hiring a cybersecurity company to protect the data related to your employees, clients, and finances. Check out these top five companies offering innovative cybersecurity services.

Though Cisco is mostly renowned for its networking products, it also happens to have an impressive lineup of cybersecurity solutions. These include Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, Cisco Cloudlock, Cisco Umbrella, Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Firepower Management Center, and Firepower NGIPS, among others.

This technology giant might not cross your mind when it comes to cybersecurity services, but surprisingly, it offers some amazing cyber defense solutions. Active Directory is one of the most widely used products for access and identity management. Additionally, Microsoft also offers numerous cybersecurity services through its Azure cloud computing platform. Azure DDoS Protection, Azure Information Protection, Application Gateway, Key Vault, and Security Center are a few of them.

Apart from offering antivirus and identity protection products for individual consumers, McAfee has an extensive variety of cybersecurity solutions for businesses. Currently, they offer Cloud Security, Device Security, Pervasive Data Protection, Intelligent Security Operations, Data Exchange Layer, and Embedded Security. In addition, they have specific security solutions for businesses offering financial and healthcare services.

Palo Alto Networks
This cybersecurity company offers a flagship product called Security Operating Platform that integrates with their other products and client apps to secure an organization’s networks. Next-Generation Firewall, Panorama network security management, K2-Series 5G-Ready Next-Generation Firewall, Threat Prevention Services, and Network Segmentation/Zero Trust are some of their other cybersecurity products and features for businesses.

IBM provides a comprehensive lineup of cybersecurity products for businesses including the popular IBM Resilient and QRadar SIEM. It also offers Network Security and IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services to protect business networks by offering real-time intelligence and warding off potential cyberattacks.

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