Top 3 Big data Analytics Companies

Top 3 Big data Analytics Companies

Big data is the term used for large sets of data that are used for analytics to discover patterns and other useful information. Organizations usually take help of big data analytics to understand and predict their consumer behavior and gain competitive advantage. Businesses looking for reliable big data analytics service providers can consider the companies mentioned below.

ScienceSoft provides big data consulting services to businesses in banking and financial services, telecom, advertising, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. ScienceSoft is certified by Microsoft and Amazon and uses frameworks like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, and more.
Big data analysis services by ScienceSoft start with analyzing business requirements and conceptualizing solutions and elaborating on them. It then moves to architecture designing and selecting the right technology for that purpose. The next step includes implementation, which is concluded by maintenance and support.

CBIG Consulting, a Trianz Company
CBIG Consulting was acquired by Trianz Consulting Private Limited in January 2018. Trianz’s award-winning big data analytics team focuses on incorporating all types of new and traditional data within their field-tested frameworks. They help businesses with big data architectures with implementations that fulfil the needs for data access. Their unique services provide systems designed and built by big data architects, installation and configurations, data processing, integration, relational analysis, analytics, and visualization.

Pythian Group Inc.
Pythian provides big data architects, engineers, and consultants who help businesses navigate the big data world to create scalable and reliable solutions. Their services include everything from designing strategies to deploying and monitoring. Pythian customizes big data solutions for their clients according to their needs. They identify the best technologies and platforms to propel the business and help drive performance without interrupting everyday operations.

The best big data analytics service providers allow businesses to create value, identify new business opportunities, and develop new services and products based on the needs. The analytics give businesses a means to minimize overheads, predict future trends, and elevate customer satisfaction.

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