The benefits of wet dog food and how to choose the right one

Why is wet dog food better than dry dog food?
Multiple reasons make wet dog food, also referred to as canned dog food, better than dry food in different situations. Experts claim that canned food has higher meat protein. These foods are also prepared with fewer carbohydrates. Since their packaging is air-tight, canned dog food is free from synthetic preservatives that can affect your dog’s health. Also, there are no added artificial flavors and colors. The air-tight seal maintains the natural freshness of the meat ingredients inside the can. This also makes wet dog food more palatable and appetizing for both, your little pup or a muscular dog.

Benefits of wet dog food
These foods are a great source of nutrition for your dog. Dry food generally isn’t that nutritional. Some of the benefits include:

  • More water content
    It is a great way of keeping your dog hydrated throughout the day. If you live in a place that has a dry, hot climate, or if your dog doesn’t drink adequate amounts of water, wet dog food can keep your doggy well hydrated. Although, it is better for your dog’s overall health if freshwater is readily available when it is thirsty.
  • Suitable for dogs with chewing problems
    If your dog has recently lost a tooth, has a misaligned jaw, or a distinctively tiny mouth, chewing hard kibbles can be difficult, even painful. It is ideal to switch to canned foods so that your dog can eat a wholesome meal without facing any problems.
  • Helps in reducing weight
    The high moisture content in canned food can make your dog feel full in a short time. This is especially useful if your dog is a little overweight and needs to lose weight.
  • Smell
    Wet dog foods are often aromatic. If your dog is older, there is a high chance that their olfactory senses have become a bit dull. So, your task as a pet parent would be to select the kind of canned food that has a rich scent and flavor. This will manage to make the dog hungry and increase its appetite.

Tips to select a top-quality canned dog food
Both retail and online markets are swamped with a variety of dog food. This can make selecting the right kind of canned food a little puzzling. You can use these simple practical tips to find the best wet dog food for your furry friend.

  • Meat as the first ingredient
    It is recommended that you select a brand that lists the source of meat as its first ingredient. The source can be any animal protein or fat, derived from the muscle tissue of chicken, beef, or buffalo, among other animals. The source can also be organ meat, such as “beef liver”.
  • Other ingredients to suit your dog
    Depending on the age and breed of your dog, it is crucial that you choose a canned food that is highly nutritious. There are different dog foods in the market for puppies that assist in the healthy development of their eyes and brain, while there are foods for elderly dogs that help bring flexibility to their joints.
  • Limited use of grain or grain-free
    There are several alternatives available if you want your dog to consume a grain-free diet. However, if you’re unable to find grain-free canned food, it is better to pick the one that contains only a small amount of grain or vegetable by-products.

Frequently asked questions about wet dog food

How long can I keep the canned dog food out?
Canned dog food manufacturers usually state that you can refrigerate the canned food for up to seven days once the seal is broken. Always store the remaining food in the refrigerator after feeding your dog. Generally, dogs do not tend to like munching on cold food, so it is better that you scoop out a limited amount of food from the can several minutes before and allow it to come up to room temperature. If your dog doesn’t finish the food in the bowl at once, make sure that you remove the leftovers within four hours. Also, ensure that you wash the bowl with warm soapy water before filling it with food again.

Is it okay to mix dry food with canned food?
Many dogs find the mixture of dry and wet food delightful—so yes, it is a feasible option. It’s also an intelligent way of including distinct flavor and variety in your dog’s diet. However, before doing this, read the label carefully, as some canned food is made to serve as a topping on dry food, while others are a full nutritious meal on their own. It is advisable to speak to your vet first if your dog is overweight or on a certain diet. This will help you choose a mix that will provide a perfect balance of calories and nutrition for your dog.

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