Popular nail trends of 2017

Every season, there are hot new nail trends that dominate the runways across the world. It is always exciting to check out and execute any new style of using nail polishes to glam up your looks.

Here are the top 5 nails trends in 2017 so far!

Metal Magic – Metallic shades are dominating this season – be it gold, silver or copper. Use them in any way – on full fingernails, on the tips and even just around the cuticles.

Go Geometric – Geometric shapes on nails are really in trend in 2017. Use two shades for dramatic nail art. Cover your nails with bright colors and only use another shade to draw triangles, square blocks or one big circle. Or just, paint a bright-colored geometric shape and leave the rest of your nail without any polish.

Be Black – The trend is not to paint your nails all black (though that is still a hot trend) but just lines. Draw multiple black lines over orange, green or red nail polish or one single line across the nail. You can just go with one black line also or a crisscross pattern over a blank nail canvas.

Beautiful Neutrals – Neutral nails are back in a big way. Use pale pink or soft crèmes for a subtle yet fashionable nail look this season. Nothing fancy or dramatic – just a few coats of your favorite neutrals is enough to make a statement.

Bold Blocks – Bold color blocks on nails can be a showstopper. Use 2-3 different shades to paint your nails in creative ways. Try black, yellow and fuchsia – one straight black line then cover half the nail in yellow and fill in the rest with hot pink. You can use bold colors just on the tips and leave the rest of your nails without any color.

You and two tones – One soft and the other bold have a winning nail look. Try peach or pale pink with either black or bright red.

One good way to try seasonal nail trends is to mix and match one or two styles to create your unique style statement.

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