Here’s how to find unlocked phones

If you have one question on your mind, and the question is “where can I find unlocked phones near me?”, you need to read this. Finding unlocked phones can be quite a task as most phones are carrier locked. One of the reasons people buy carrier locked phone is because sometimes the buyer gets a good deal on it from a carrier provider.

There are third-party vendors like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Office Depot, or Staples. These vendors sell unlocked smartphones.

Why does one need an unlocked phone?
There are plenty of reasons why buyers prefer unlocked smartphones. Chances are that there is a need for a new smartphone not offered by the buyer’s carrier. Or maybe, the buyer wants to switch the carrier. Unlocked phones are contract-free, which means they are independent of fixed carriers.

Unlocked smartphones are available online on sites like Amazon or eBay or even from phone websites. Some manufacturers make carrier-free smartphones. These include HTC, Motorola, Google’s Nexus, Huawei, Alcatel, Asus Zenfone, and some others. These are not popular phones; however, if a buyer is specifically looking for unlocked phones, these are good options.

Big names like Apple, Samsung, or LG are partnered with certain carriers; hence, finding unlocked devices from these brands is not easy. However, some online websites do sell refurbished old models of these phones that are unlocked.

Unlocked smartphones work on the GSM technology. Not all carriers are GSM compatible. SIM cards from carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile can activate your unlocked smartphone. Unlocked phones are gaining popularity in the US, mainly for the freedom of choices that they open up. Plus, there are no restrictions on the carrier’s side or unnecessary apps that crowd your phone. For people who travel extensively, unlocked smartphones are the best bet.

One thing to remember is this: check your carrier’s compatibility with the phone before buying an unlocked phone. There are prepaid carriers too in case you have purchased an unlocked prepaid phone.

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