Here are a few things to know about the smartphone market

The smartphone market is divided into two categories: Android and iOS. There are markets and takers for both operating systems. Android is owned by Google and iOS is by Apple. When a buyer goes shopping for a cell phone, he should know whether he wants an Android or iOS operating system.

Deciding between the two
Both operating systems have their dedicated devices. There are a lot of choices for buyers who want to buy cell phones with an Android operating system as compared to iOS. Each has their pros and cons, features, and their loyal fans too. If one has to decide between the two operating systems, then one has to consider what features he/she wants on his/her phone.

The most widely preferred and used operating system is Android. Android-based smartphones are available in plenty and they range from high budget to low budget phones whereas iOS is only available for iPhones.

People love to buy cell phones for their features. As new models keep on upgrading from their earlier versions, smartphones come with newer features with each model. Some of the features which a buyer looks for in a smartphone are follows:

  • Screen size
  • Camera resolution
  • Memory size
  • Battery life

Other features are more or less same in both operating systems. Once you have made up your mind, which operating system you like, the next step is to know your budget. After considering your budget, you can choose your smartphone.

Android smartphones are most flexible in terms of the memory limit. One can add additional memory if the phone’s memory is exhausted. Android lets the user do some modifications to their phones without any hindrance. iOS is good for people who do not like to experiment with their phones. They are very user-friendly and easy to understand.

One operating system does not fit every smartphone user. So weigh your options before you go to buy cell phones. Both operating systems have been in the market for decades and have been doing fairly well with their customers. Smartphones have changed the general perception of phones and are quite an invention in itself.

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