Here are a few things to know about the best mobile networks

The mobile network is the biggest issue buyers face while using cell phones, as some carriers have good plans but poor network coverage. The best way to choose any network is to look for an area where that particular network has good coverage.

Which is the best network?
One of the popular networks is Verizon. Verizon tops the list with its coverage and flexible plans for different user needs. It even offers an unlimited 10GB mobile hotspot data and HD quality streaming.

The best mobile network is usually decided by its uploading and downloading speeds, network reliability, coverage quality, and call quality.

If you are not sure about the network you selected, then go along with a prepaid plan to check its effectiveness. Some phone services do offer corporate, federal, and student discounts. However, veterans and military members of the armed forces also get discounts.

Shop for networks
When looking for a best mobile network, do some research too. Some competitors in a bid to get more users, offer freebies and even extend their offer to some credit dollars when you use less data in a month along with other freebies like movie tickets, or a dinner voucher. For example, T-Mobile has a rewards program which gives freebies every Tuesday called T-Mobile Tuesdays. It even gives data rollover credit which is a very attractive offer.

Then some phone services offer budget plans for those who do not need unlimited data. This is similar to Metro PCS spinoff MVNO, which offers a prepaid option so that you can pay as you go.

Some carriers offer phones as well along with their plans. So prices and plans may be different from their competitors. Today any plan can be in a range of USD 50 to USD 70. If you are purchasing any phone from a carrier, then you may get their plans at a discounted rate.

Be wary of services that offer free unlimited data, of course; the data is unlimited till you have maxed your limits and then it is throttled till the end of the billing cycle. So unlimited does not mean ‘unlimited’ in the literal sense.

Some carriers that claim to have the best mobile network also charge for connecting smart watches, tablets, or hotspots to your existing device.

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