Four countries where you can travel to on a budget

Whether you plan to hike across the countryside or want to experience the local cuisine and nightlife, a little ingenuity will help you save a lot of money. A costly trip in no way guarantees an amazing one. The first thing to do is consider a pocket-friendly country that has everything you’d want, but on a budget. These locales have amazing amenities and facilities for tourists but don’t need you to burn a hole in your pocket for either. Keeping this in mind, we have managed to narrow down four amazing travel destinations you can explore this year.

Spain is one of the most popular destinations to plan a budget adventure trip to, in Western Europe. The country’s diverse culture and geographical landscape offer a variety of urban and rural adventures. You can experience the Tomatina festival in August along with the San Fermin, held in July. Hop party-to-party as nightlife at Ibiza energizes you or grab a few winks on the best beaches at La Concha. You can plan a cost-effective trip to España with domestic airlines that fly in and out of major cities. This way, you’ll have more money to explore local villages and attractions near major cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

New Zealand
Anyone fond of adventure will tell you that going on a hike is one of the best ways to explore the land of the Kiwis. Nature unravels her true beauty with mountain trails crisscrossing the beautiful landscape across the iconic North and South Islands. You can pick between short walks and full-day hikes with great camping spots in spectacular locations. The nine Great Walks of New Zealand lets you discover the dramatic landscape and wilderness that are the country’s best-kept secrets — from Lake Waikaremoana in the North to Rakiura in the South. Apart from hiking, you can plan a trip to the Bay of Islands, one of the best spots in the country for water sports, fishing, and sailing.

Located west of the UK, this stunning country features some of the most wondrous hiking and backpacking trails. For beginners and professional hikers, there are over 900 trails ranging from the scenic hills of a Belfast town all the way down to the coast of Cork. Ireland also hosts a wide range of races that includes running and cycling competitions across some of the most challenging routes of this hilly countryside. The Seven Sisters Skyline, Gaelforce West, Cleasathon, Gaelforce Connemara, Tuff-Inish Adventure Race, Up and Over Challenge, and the Quest Glendalough make up an exciting calendar this year for all thrill-seeking enthusiasts. Most of these events are well under €100 so by the end of the trip, you won’t need to pinch pennies or miss out on buying that last souvenir.

You can actually plan a decent budget trip costing you no more than $50/day to Greece. That’s right! This includes your hotel, food, and local travel expenses. This culturally-rich land has plenty to keep things interesting and you can flit between wine tastings, a day at the beach, flea markets, and if you are up for it, hiking. The country also offers a variety of inexpensive cruises to exotic locations around the islands — a great way to end your vacation! Pro tip from us to you, don’t forget to experience that beautiful setting sun on the Mediterranean in the evening.

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