Common admission criteria required for a course in accounting

The turn of the century has seen some of the top-ranked students, from their respective undergraduate schools, applying for various accounting degrees. Applying for a major in accounting doesn’t come easy to anyone and requires a thorough study of the university one is applying to and the curriculum of the underlying course.

Specialised accounting degrees like Bachelor of Accountancy, offered within the country is exclusively recognized for continuous practice as a professional accountant. Students coming from all corners of the world should ensure vital accreditations of the courses they choose from relevant professional accounting bodies such as the American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants in the US.

Students applying for accounting degrees are primarily tested for proficiency in certain areas chunked out of mathematics, statistics, and business studies. One is tested and expected to show mathematically inclined and statistically driven acumen to go onboard a well-recognised accounting course.

Candidates going for a master’s degree in the field of accounting are evaluated based on the subjects held in their undergraduate courses, grades obtained, and the professional experience gained as an intern or an entry-level professional. Some of the top graded universities accept students who are qualified professional accountants and have relevant prior experience of the same. These universities are clear and harsh with their accreditation requirements and make a declaration of the same at the time of submission of applications.

Students may be required to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) and the Graduate Record Examinations Test (GRE). International students have to showcase proficiency in the language of teaching apart from GMAT and GRE.

A mean score of 600 and above on the GMAT can make you eligible for top ranked programs in accounting around the world. Majorly, in addition to the GMAT score, a student is evaluated on the experience and undergraduate credentials. According to bathmat, a popular website for GMAT related content, a score of 650 and above can polish your chances for a high ranked accounting program. A degree from one of such universities has the striking potential of getting the student recruited by the likes of Deloitte, KPMG, and many more from the club.

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