4 Common Types of Injury Cases

4 Common Types of Injury Cases
The term “personal injury” refers to any kind of emotional, psychological, or physical harm or distress caused to an individual by another person. They can seek redressal for these, and injury lawyers help them in this endeavor. These are the common injury cases that injury lawyers deal with:

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC)
    Accident cases make up for a majority of personal injury cases in the country. These involve the collision of an automobile with another or a pedestrian. It is difficult to determine the legal liability of MVC cases, which is why people hire personal injury lawyers specializing in auto accident cases. The case depends on a number of factors like police records, common law violations of the provincial driving coded, and so on. Only injury lawyers can define one’s liabilities carefully and negotiate a favorable settlement.
  • Medical malpractice
    This critical situation arises when a doctor or any other health care professional fails to deliver skilled care and ends up injuring the patient. As medical malpractice cases are complex, they require lawyers familiar with these laws. For instance, some lawyers specialize in cases where the victim’s newborn baby suffers from a birth injury like bone fractures or infant brain damage. Similarly, when seeking compensation for a traumatic brain injury, one should hire a lawyer specializing in traumatic brain injury law.
  • Slip and fall cases
    This is another common type of personal injury, wherein property owners are liable for keeping their premises safe and hazard-free. If someone gets injured on their property, they can be sued. Not all injuries are slip and fall cases, and the claims for these personal injury cases rest largely on premises liability laws.
  • Defamation: Libel and slander
    When an individual suffers damage to their reputation by untrue statements, they can file a defamation case against the person who is accused of making the damage. Mostly, celebrities and public figures file defamation suits of this kind.

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