3 states offering affordable energy rates in the country

Electricity rates are different for every state, but the margins of their difference can be substantially high. The electricity rates in certain states can be as high as three times of the average national electricity rates. According to a survey, 7.3% of an individual’s income goes towards paying off their electricity bills. However, even if the electricity rates are low, it does not mean that the incurred costs would be low as well. In such cases, the consumption rate becomes a key deciding factor. For example, an area like Southern Louisiana might have low energy rates, but the costs incurred could still be high due to the consumption rate. Among all states in the country, the following three have some of the lowest energy and, specifically, electricity rates.

District of Columbia
This is one of the states that has the lowest cost for energy, including gas as well as electricity, in the country with an average monthly cost of around $223. If you are looking to cut down on energy costs, moving to this state would be a great choice. The average electricity cost in this state is around $79, which is five times cheaper than the highest electricity rates in the country. This has led to an increase in the average income of a household in DC by approximately $12,000 above the average income of the country.

Coming in second on the cheapest energy rates, this state has an average energy cost of around $244 per month. The average monthly electricity cost is around $93. The state has a population of 5.6 million, according to the US census. The average income for this state is higher than the national average income by approximately $5,000. This is also one of the states in the country that offers opportunities to efficiently save on energy.

An overall average monthly energy cost of around $245, only a dollar higher than Colorado, this is the third state on the cheapest energy costs list. The average monthly electricity cost for this state is around $99. The average household income is around $6000 higher than the average income of the nation and $1000 higher than Colorado.

These states offer opportunities to save on energy and electricity costs as the rates offered are comparatively cheaper. You can check online for more details on the electricity rates in your state.

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